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Dress Size Chart:


Bra Sizing

It is common fact that different manufactures assign different sizes, so sometimes the size that fits you in one brand could be a size larger in a different one.

When ordering your bra we suggest you select the size you most commonly ware. If the bra doesnt fit we will happily replace it or give you a full refund.

If you are uncertain as to what bra size to choose from, please contact us and well be delighted to help.

Corsetry Sizing

The required measurement should be taken from the narrowest part of your waist in inches. If you have problem locating this part of your waist, try standing in front of a mirror whilst maintaining an upright posture, usually it will be about an inch above your belly button. 

Once your order is placed we will contact you via email asking you for your bra and dress size.  For made to measure orders we will request additional information. Our fully experienced team will guide you through this process checking all of the measurements you supply, to make sure youll be getting the best possible fit.

If you require a tape measure please email us and well send one out to you with our compliments.

To help with the measurements please see the measurement guide below.

Latex Sizing

Latex Care

To prolong its life natural latex needs to be treated with care. With the correct care your precious latex garment should last you for many years. 

1. Avoid prolong exposure to direct sunlight. 

2. Transparent and lightly coloured latex may irreparably stain when in contact with copper based metals, dyed hair and certain kinds of make-up. 

3. Before dressing you should liberally talk the inside of your garment. If you have long nails or are wearing heavy jewellery, be careful not the tare the fabric. 

4. After wearing your garment should be washed in a warm and mild soapy water. When dry talc the inside and hang. 

If you have any questions regarding the care of your garment, please don't hesitate to contact us


Latex Colours

We offer an extensive range of beautiful latex colours. 

In some circumstances there may be an additional charge for metallic and vibrant colours with designs like corsets. This is because these colours are not available in thick grades, this makes the manufacturing process much more laborious.


If you have any questions regarding Sizes and Bespoke, please contact us.